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Creating Bridges a project for self-empowerment in working with refugees and asylum seekers

About the project

An independent project developed by Ekaterini Anagnostopoulos and Federica Leoni, aimed at promoting self-empowerment and wellbeing of practitioners and volunteers in the helping professions involved with refugees and asylum seekers.

Creating Bridges consists in a variety of training, skills development, practice exchange and dissemination activities across different groups and contexts: online webinars, seminars, onsite local initiatives, including a training program on the Island of Samos, Greece, on 15-20 September 2020.

Webinar on Self-care and effective thinking. Program and resources

The first webinar was held on Tuesday May 12th, 2020

Self- Care and effective thinking. Meaning-making in volunteering and working with refugees and asylum seekers. Good practices, ideas, reflections.

A first introductory webinar, held in cooperation with Indigo Volunteers, designed for workers/volunteers involved in supporting refugees and asylum seekers, as well as practitioners who work in the field.

The aim was that of facilitating the increase of awareness, self-empowerment and personal capacity building. We will focus on the helpers’ self-care and effective thinking attitudes and behaviours which may affect adjustment and resiliency processes. The main topics addressed:

  • Meaning-making processes and treasuring experiences
  • Self-care strategies, thinking attitudes that help reaching emotional stability and effectiveness, before, during and after field work.
  • Cognitive styles, stress and coping resources

Slides and resources from the Webinar

You can click on the title to open and download the presentations.

Katerina Anagnostopoulos –  available soon (check on 13 May 2020) – E-mail contact:

Federica LeoniSelf-care and effective thinking Webinar 1_presentation Federica Leoni

Thinking attitudes that help reaching emotional stability and effectiveness. E-mail contact: